Shoe For Shoe

Dearest Balls Customer

We are happy to share that now you can add happiness to some needy’s life by buying a pair of Balls shoes.

We are running a Social Campaign “Shoe for Shoe” in which upon your purchase of a pair of Balls shoes, we will be gifting a pair of shoes to a needy person on your behalf.

We will compile a social media story of your benevolence exhibiting how you could add happiness in someone’s life by simply choosing Balls. We will post the photos and videos of your shoe partner on our social media channel to send out a message that YES BUSINESSES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SOCIETY AND SMALL STEPS CAN BRING CHANGE.

We are sure you and us together will be able to add happiness to a school going child whose family cannot afford new shoes, or an old man walking the streets barefooted in harsh summers and cold, or for someone who can only dream of a new pair of shoes.

We know you and we will together make great partners, adding a smile to hundreds of people. We thank you for believing in Balls. May God Bless You !!!


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